Addiction: A Family Affair


Addiction: A Familly Affair


Addiction is truly a family affair.

Addiction: A Family Affair | Scott Teitelbaum, MD

The University of Florida's Guide to Understanding, Prevention, & Dealing with Addiction

This book is aimed at concerned parents and is also accessible to at-risk adolescents. It provides a roadmap to help prevent addiction, while also providing answers on how to help keep families together if addiction is suspected. It includes a guide to the most abused and dangerous drugs,

while also providing in-depth advice and a series of action/reaction options to consider if a parent suspects or find's evidence of a teen's drug use. As Dr. Teitelbaum explains in the book, "one person's drug problem affects the immediate family and often the extended family."

Please check out the videos below, as Dr. Scott Teitelbaum talks about addiction in the family, his own expertise and experience with addiction and recovery, and signs to look for if addiction is suspected.


“This is a family illness. You can’t have a treatment center without a family program.”


"My strength is in the room with the patient, so my book is based on my years of clinical experience."


"The other aspect of my expertise is my own recovery. I have not only treated people over the years, but I've walked the walk and I know what it has been make that comeback in recovery from a lot of help from others and a willingness to get help and into treatment."


"The signs to look for are changes - changes in behavior, changes in school performance, changes in attitude, changes in friends, changes in appearence...and even subtle things like changes in music."